Why outdoor advertising?

Americans spend an astounding 70% of their waking hours outside the home. The average American is on the road more than 20 hours per week. With 83% of consumers saying they see the messages presented on out-of-home (OOH) advertisements, OOH advertising tops all other mediums. In fact, OOH ads dominate the landscape with a weekly reach of 99% of all adults aged 18 to 64. UVertz seeks to expand OOH advertising with dynamic digital line-of-sight geo and time fenced mobile media, connecting advertisers directly to commuters by leveraging the untapped space available on rear windows of cars. With a captive audience of 220 million drivers spending 84 billion hours on the road each year, no serious marketer can afford to miss out on the opportunity UVertz presents. UVertz is a necessary component of any serious OOH advertising campaign. Our unique advertising platform is driving innovation. Mobile. Digital. Dynamic. Effective.