Is Your City on the Coveted Rollout List?

In 2018, UVertz was born with a dollar and a dream. In 2019, that dream becomes a reality. UVertz will be featured on the roads of Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Atlanta, and Honolulu.

Why those cities? Because those are the most traffic congested cities in the United States. Take Los Angeles, for example. According to the latest study by INRIX, a global leader in transportation analytics, Los Angeles was the most congested of the 1,360 cities evaluated worldwide. According to their annual traffic scorecard, LA drivers spend 102 hours stuck in traffic during peak travel times. What does that mean for advertisers? That means more impressions when they feature their ads on the UVertz platform — the rear windows of cars. What does that mean for drivers? That means you get paid for doing what you’re doing already. You pave the way, we pay your way!

Even in paradise, there is traffic. According to data from the TomTom Traffic Index, Honolulu is the 8th most traffic congested city in the United States, with extra travel time during peak hours versus free-flowing traffic measured at 34 minutes per day, the equivalent of 132 hours per year.

Having Honolulu on the UVertz rollout list serves another purpose. Hawaii is among the four states that have banned billboards (the others being Alaska, Maine and Vermont). UVertz offers advertisers a viable and valuable platform to reach commuters stuck in traffic with geo targeted and time fenced advertisements. UVertz is driving innovation. Mobile. Digital. Dynamic. Effective.